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Liquid Wakeboard rack - INDY - BLACK - R-IWA2.5B

Liquid Wakeboard rack - INDY - BLACK - R-IWA2.5B

€ 129
Black wakeboard racks, wakeboard racks with wedge to lock in your boards. Plus slots angled apart for no boards hitting, no other board racks like this, fits 2.25 and 2.5 inch towers.

Do you want a wakeboard rack that is a level up from the norm.

Superior Glossy black powder coated finish.

The Indy wakeboard racks are the best on the market in this price range. No polishing finish saves you time and money in the long run, just wipe clean for a nice glossy black finish.

No only do they look great but have some serious features to protect your boards, that other wakeboard racks don't have. The slots are angled away from each other so the boards face away from each other and not parallel. This stops them from hitting each other. There is a wedge shape in the base of the slots which hugs the wakeboard and lock its in firm and secure.

Not only the points above, we go even further to give you some adjustments, that no other board racks on the market has. The fingers have 3 different angled positions so once you have the wakeboard racks clamped to your wakeboard tower leg, you can do some further adjustments to fine tune your set up The best wakeboard racks on the market, easy to install, Anodized for superior protection.

Plus when it comes to travelling and storage you can remove a bolt on the fingers and swing them to be inside your boats outline. So no breaking the fingers off on buildings, trucks or trees.

Clamps are 2.5inch with 2.25inch rubber inserts. You can purchase other sized rubbers if needed.

We use a quality raw material a 6061 solid aircraft Aluminium CNC machined to our specs in thickness and design for pure performance.

The rubber bumper has been inserted into a CNC machined channel and is mushroom shape marine grade UV protection material. All hardware is 316 stainless and there is a bungee cord to lock in boards.